Friday, March 11, 2011

Use This Collaboration Tool from Stanford's

Stanford's continues to explore ways of improving how we collaborate and create across desparate disciplines.  They have recently posted an updated edition of their superb
2010 Bootcamp Bootleg.   It provides a wide variety of very useful tools for leading and collaborating in groups. Leaders of projects, business units,initiatives, or programs can learn from this.
Bootcamp Bootleg is a working document that captures some of the teaching from the "Design Thinking Bootcamp,” course. The guide outlines each mode of a human-centered design process(see graphic), and describes a number of methods which may support your design thinking throughout the process.
The key to the bootleg is to take it out and make it your own! If one method isn't working for you, toss it. If it works, pass it along to another design thinker. We’re excited to hear how you've applied what you find in the bootleg.

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