Monday, January 4, 2010

Best of HBS Working Knowledge in 2009

Best of HBS Working Knowledge 2009 — HBS Working Knowledge. This is an excellent overview of top 10 articles and working papers from the Harvard Business Review.


  1. Understanding Users of Social Networks
    Many business leaders are mystified about how to reach potential customers on social networks such as Facebook. HBS professor Mikolaj Jan Piskorski provides a fresh look into the interpersonal dynamics of these sites and offers guidance for approaching these tantalizing markets.
  2. Social Network Marketing: What Works?
    Purchase decisions are influenced differently in social networks than in the brick-and-mortar world, says Harvard Business School professor Sunil Gupta. The key: Marketers should tap into the networking aspect of sites such as Facebook.
  3. Uncompromising Leadership in Tough Times
    As companies batten down the hatches, we need leaders who don't compromise on standards and values that are essential in flush times. Fortunately, such leaders do exist. Their insights can help other organizations weather the current crisis, says HBS professor emeritus Michael Beer. Q&A.
  4. Sharpening Your Skills: Managing Teams
    The ability to lead teams is fast becoming a critical skill for all managers in the 21st century. Here are four HBS Working Knowledge stories from the archives that address everything from how teams learn to turning individual performers into team players. Questions asked include: How does a team leader win the confidence of the group? What's the best method for developing team goals? How can individual performers be developed into team players? How do teams learn?