Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Olympics 2012--great resource for learning how it was done

The London 2012 Olympic Development Authority has created a very useful web site on what they have learned in designing and building the facilities.  Even if you are not in construction, there is much of interest here for any of us that lead large, complex projects!
Through the Learning Legacy project, the Olympic Delivery Authority is sharing the knowledge and the lessons learned from the construction of the Olympic Park, to help raise the bar within the sector and act as a showcase for UK plc.

5 things that happen when you really know your strategy

Wow---what a succinct way to know you (and those you lead "get your strategy").  This post is from an interesting group Anectdote in Australia, focused on the power of storytelling in organizations. Wonderful diagram of their work is below.  Worth a look and they offer a very useful newsletter!

Here are five things that happen when you really do know your strategy:
  1. you know when to say 'no.'
  2. you get better support from your colleagues--they are trying to achieve the same things
  3. you can wing it with confidence--the strategy is your safety net
  4. you can focus on doing the right things rather than just doing things right
  5. you can act with more autonomy because you know where others are going, and autonomy is motivating